10 Jul 2017 11:45 AM +00:00 UTC

Director Talks About How Netflix's Punisher Series Be Different From The Rest

Definitely one of the best things to come out of Dardevil season two was the introduction of Frank Castle a.k.a. The Punisher. The character was so well-received that he's even getting his own spinoff show on Netflix. However, it looks to set itself apart from the rest of the Defenders lineup.

Talking to Combat Radio, director Stephen Surjik explains:

"It is different than the other Marvel shows as far as it is an adult drama. There are no superpowers. You know the Punisher is a character who is based on vengeance, fundamentally. His family is a victim of some horrific thing, but the character himself is well-known and the way that they approach it is very different from the other shows."


Granted that a lot of the Netflix heroes are kind of goody-two-shoes, Frank Castle definitely sets himself apart by being an unforgiving and uncompromising vigilante. Besides the fact that he doesn't have powers, Castle is definitely a hero that "gets things done."

Though skeptical at first, I was completely blown away by Jon Bernthal's Punisher, and I'm very eager to see more of him. Besides the fact that he can give one hell of a beating onscreen, Bernthal also has the dramatic chops to make you endear for his version of Frank Castle.

The Punisher hits Netlfix sometime in November, but you can catch The Defenders on Aug. 18.

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