Director Matt Reeves Updates Fans On The Batman

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The Batman movie may have racked up a lot of controversy after Ben Affleck decided to quit his post as the movie's helmsman to concentrate on his role as the Dark Knight, however Warner Bros. continues to prepare for the film's production with Matt Reeves as the film's new director.

Though the gears for production are yet to turn, the Cloverfield director assures fans that he and the rest of the crew will begin production soon and that they'll try to give a more "personal" take on the DCEU Batman movie.


Speaking in an interview with Comicbook during a War for the Planet of the Apes press event in London, Reeves gave fans an update on The Batman.

"Look, I'm just starting Batman because literally, [War for the Planet of the Apes], as I just said, we finished about a week ago and now we're publicizing it.So, we haven't even begun on Batman. For me, what's always important is to try and find a personal way in. In that way, I do feel like I relate to actors. It's about understanding emotionally, the way something is. I see this parallel between Caesar and Batman, really, which is this idea of these characters who are grappling with their own struggle and trying to do the right thing in an imperfect world and, so, I do really relate it to that kind of idea."

Back when Affleck had been assigned as the movie's director, reports had it that the movie would feature a host of Batman villains. Now, with Reeves promising a more "personal" take on the film, one can only wonder what Reeves has planned for the movie. Will The Batman end up being another origin film like Wonder Woman?

Let's wait and see.

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