Director Gore Verbinski Leaves Fox’s Gambit Spinoff

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Here we go again. Fox's Gambit spinoff just lost another director before even beginning production.

Though Deadline reports that the split between Gore Verbinski and 20th Century Fox has been an amicable one that was more or less because of conflicts in schedule, this is the third time that Gambit has lost its director.

Last year, Doug Liman also left the director's chair because of scheduling issues, leaving the film to start from scratch after the creative team found the original script to be a bit lacking.


What's heartbreaking about the news is that the studio has been desperately trying to get the ball running on Gambit. Not only did Fox give the film its own release date, it also gathered most of the movie's production team and set the start date of its filming to March this year.

Reports came in yesterday that Fox had set Gambit's start of production for March 19 at the Big Easy Studios in New Orleans - the same studio where Fox had shot the critically acclaimed R-Rated success, Logan.

Fans have been waiting for the Gambit spinoff for years ever since the studio announced that Channing Tatum was to star as the Ragin' Cajun and it seemed like the pre-production of the X- Men standalone was going pretty smoothly over the past few months.

We wonder what's going to happen to the film now that it's facing another major set back.

Gambit is slated for release on February 14, 2019.

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