Diego Luna’s Character in Rogue One Reportedly Revealed

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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story will hit theaters in over eight months and we still haven't seen neither trailer nor character details from the film. For these reasons, fans have had to rely on rumors to get by the anticipation.

It was previously speculated that the Rogue One trailer will be released when Captain America: CivilWar hits theaters. If these rumors are true, then it's likely that we won't know anything about the movie's characters until then.

However, the latest word on the grapevine is about the name of Diego Luna's character in the film, who has been rumored to be a Rebel spy set on a mission to infiltrate the Imperial Senate.

According to Making Star Wars, it is believed that Luna's character is named Cassein Willix and that Jyn is the final name for Felicity Jones' character. The site adds that Cassein and Jyn are two of the leading Rebels to infiltrate the Empire and steal plans for the Death Star. Cassein will be disguising himself as an Imperial Commander while Jyn dresses as an Imperial Gunner.

There's also word from the site that a Hover Tank and Trooper will be included in the movie, with a sketch of the soldier provided, giving a good idea of how the helmet of the character looks like. The Hover Tank Trooper will reportedly drive the vehicles but it will not engage in battle unlike what was seen in A New Hope.


The Hover Tank trooper has been described as reminiscent of Clone Troopers from Attack of the Clones:

The visor doesn't go down in a complete "T" like the Fett-inspired helmet. It has two large aerators that remind me of hand-held vacuums. The armor itself is in the spirit of the Scout Trooper...Not identical or as close as the Scarab Trooper's armor in that respect (not to mention this trooper is white and that one is yellow). The cranium of the helmet reminded me ofthe classic A New Hope Stormtrooper in shape.

Right now, Disney/Lucasfilm has kept a tight lid on any details about Rogue One, so take all this in with a grain of salt. From speculations we've heard so far, we could be seeing a new variety of troopers and new challenges for the Rebels.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story hits theaters on December 16.

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