Did Simon Pegg Hide A Star Wars Character in Star Trek Beyond?

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Those who aren't massively into Star Wars and Star Trek may confuse the franchises for one another, but it's another story when fans spot similarities between the two.

Recetly, the sci-fi franchises merged when Star Wars: The Force Awakens director J.J. Abrams (who directed the first two Star Trek films in the rebooted trilogy) cast his Scotty, Simon Pegg, as Unkar Plutt in the Star Wars film.


But some fans are wondering if Pegg paid Abrams back in the third movie of the reboted Star Trek frachise, Star Trek Beyond (which Abrams produced).

Apparently, Sofia Boutela's Jaylah is strikingly similar to Daisy Ridley's Rey. Redditor Delitomatoes sums up the resemblance between the two characters:

Do you think this is an inside joke or just a coincidence?

[Star Trek Beyond] JJ Abrams told Simon Pegg to base a character off Rey from Star Wars as a inside joke.

It's also nice to see Greg Grunberg aka Snap Wexley in Episode VII, play Commander Finnegan in Star Trek Beyond. They might as well make a crossover film between the two epic sci-fi giants one day. You can read our review of Star Trek Beyond here.