Did Kylo Ren Actually Save Rey's Life?

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A new post on Reddit by user DKLancer has revealed a major spoiler – potentially. Wondering how Rey ended up on Jakku?

The Redditor explains:


It was not Luke or Han. Certainly not Leia. The issues of any of those characters hiding their potential daught/niece/student on a scavanger world as a borderline slave with the vague promise that they'd come back for her at some point are too great to surmount without ruining the characters.

It needs to be someone else, someone who also showed some level of familiarity with her but would not be opposed to dumping her off in the ass end of nowhere with nothing but an empty promise.

That person is Kylo Ren.

At first glance, The Force Awakens does indeed leave a viewer with many questions and unsolved mysteries, as expected in any Star Wars film. One of the biggest mysteries in the latest instalment is who the hell Rey is and who left her there. Being the new female protagonist, there have been many theories as to her family and possible parentage. We've seen theories about Luke Skywalker or Obi Wan Kenobi being her father, and even her parents being Leia and Han Solo. It would make sense if any of them left her in Jakku, but DKLancer's Kylo Ren theory makes sense too.

DKLancer even explains why he left her there.

I think that Rey was a young student along with Ben Solo at Luke's academy, whether she was Luke's daughter or otherwise related to Ben Solo I don't know. When Ben Solo became Kylo Ren and murdered all the other students, he left one alive, perhaps out of guilt or some tug of conscience from the Light Side that obviously still pulls at him in The Force Awakens. He couldn't go back to Snoke, as that would show Snoke that Ren was too weak to go full Dark Side. So he hid her instead, on a backwards scavanger world along with the stolen Milleninium Falcon.

This would explain why Kylo gets so upset when the flunky mentions that a girl stole the Milleninum Falcon from Jakku, why he bothers to take his helmet off when he tries to mind read her and why he acts so strangely nice to her as compared to his treatment of Poe earlier in the movie.


Kylo Ren knows who Rey is because he's the one who put her on Jakku in the first place.

I think I've read this theory already even before Star Wars: The Force Awakens made its debut, but seeing a more detailed explanation makes me think of how it opens up answers to other mysteries, such as Luke's seclusion and Kylo Ren's past.

If Ben Solo, now Kylo Ren, had been Luke's student and he murdered all the other students just like Anakin, the incident could have convinced Luke that he failed in restoring the Jedi order and that the only way not to mess up again is to go into hiding.

Also, if Kylo Ren saved Rey, it would mean that the Light Side of the Force still had some kind of hold on him, albeit little. It would explain why he had to kill Han Solo even if it seemed he didn't really want to. With Anakin killing all the young Jedis in Revenge of the Sith, Ren killing off the younglings in Luke's academy could have been enough to convince Supreme Leader Snoke that he was committed to the Dark Side. However, since he failed to kill Rey during his purge of the young Jedis, it was then necessary to kill Han Solo to make up for saving Rey.

In any case, whether this new theory pans out to be true or not, we'd have to wait until Star Wars: Episode VIII debuts in 2017.