Detective Pikachu Film Casts Justice Smith As Live-Action Lead

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It seems like Legendary is really set on making the Detective Pikachu movie, as the studio has cast the live-action lead for the film. Variety claims that Justice Smith will be the protagonist of the film, along with the talking Pokemon detective. Smith has been making the rounds lately, so this could be a good choice in hindsight.

For those unaware, Smith is currently starring in the Netflix musical series The Get Down and was recently added to the cast of Jurassic World: Lost Kingdom. It's clear that Hollywood has its eye on young Justice Smith, so fans of his can only hope that Detective Pikachu doesn't ruin the young man's star power.


To the credit of the studio, there are a number of talented individuals involved in the oddball project. Gravity Falls creator Alex Hirsch and Guardians of the Galaxy writer Nicole Perlman will be penning the script, while Rob Letterman has reportedly been contacted to direct the film. Reports have also claimed that Legendary wants Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and a number of big name actors to voice the talking Pokemon.

No release date for Detective Pikachu has been announced. The 3DS game hasn't even be localized yet, outside of Japan.

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