Destiny Poster Leaked Title of Next Expansion on Reddit

Last night, the poster for what appears to be Destiny's next expansion has been leaked, revealing its title to be "Rise of Iron". The image was revealed on Reddit and Kotaku claims that two sources close to Bungie confirmed the authenticity of this image. The title is expected to be officially revealed at E3 before its September release.

The poster featues a character who can be identified as Lord Saladin wielding the titan's iconic hammer, while surrounded by a large pack of wolves, all while standing next to a crumbling structure in what seems like the Earth Cosmodrome. According to Kotaku's source, Rise of Iron will be loaded with twice the amount of content of both year-one DLCs and it will feature a new raid that will center around "Fallen with a twist". Here's another look:

Bungie moved its internal target for Destiny 2 from 2016 to 2017, so Rise of Iron is replacing the sequel's slot this fall.

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