Bethesda Isn't Giving Up on Fallout 76 Despite Backlash

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Fallout 76 was last year's most disappointing game, there's no doubt about that. Bethesda has managed to raise the prestige of this franchise ever since debuting Fallout 3 so the fact that its first online game ended up being so bad was a major disappointment. Despite not getting any good reviews, Bethesda is not giving up on the game, with E3 even revealing that there will be a huge update that adds NPCs and a Battle Royale mode.

Pete Hines, the VP of marketing in Bethesda, told that they will keep supporting the game and they learned a lot from The Elder Scrolls Online, which also had negative press at launch. That game is still supported today and has a lot of fans so it seems like Bethesda is hoping that method helps Fallout 76 as well.

Here is Hine's full statement:

"It's just in our DNA. I appreciate there might be folks who are tempted to throw up their hands and [call it quits], but that's just not how we're wired. We believed in it. The fact that it didn't go the way we expected and it had issues that maybe we should have foreseen and should have planned for doesn't mean we didn't believe in what the game was and could become."
"BGS is a team that's made a lot of very highly successful things. Still, in my opinion, they are one of the most respected and decorated studios in the world. There is an element of pride -- not in a 'we don't quit and give up' way, but we need to show and prove that we are going to stick with it, and that we don't just hit some adversity and throw up our hands and go, 'Oh this is too hard, let's do something else.' That's not how we think about things, either as a publisher or as a studio."

Fallout 76 is now available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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