Denny's Unveils New Solo: A Star Wars Story Image

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Popular restaurant chain Denny's has revealed their banner for Solo: A Star Wars Story, which shows new images of Han (Alden Ehrenreich), Chewbacca (Joonas Suotamo), Lando Calrissian (Donald Glover) and Qi'ra (Emilia Clarke). The film is two months away and it's nice seeing some new images of the spin-off, which has many fans feeling excited and/or nervous. Maybe even both at the same time.

Denny's is one of the film's promotional partners, so seeing a new banner for Solo from the fairly popular restaurant isn't a bad thing. The fact that these images of the characters haven't been seen before is also worth noting, with the colors of the characters doing a decent enough job to give the banner some visual flair.



Solo is currently one of the more troubled productions from Disney and Lucasfilm, making older reports of Rogue One look sane in comparison. Just when the film recovered from all of the drama revolving around the original directors leaving, the recent posters have also been accused of plagiarism from a Sony Music artist. Here is hoping that it's smooth sailings from here.

Solo: A Star Wars Story hits cinemas on May 25.

Via ComicBookMovie

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