Death Note Light Up The New World Gets New Kira Videos & Actor Comeback

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Death Note fans may want to gear up for some nice surprises for the Death Note Light Up The New World movie.

Fans who may be missing Tatsuya Fujiwara, who was cast as Light in the previous film, you need not worry anymore. Fujiwara is coming back to reprise his role as the genius serial killer. This announcement was made via the very short 30-seconder clip, seen below.

He's not alone in making a comeback, since Kenichi Matsuyama, who played the role of the eccentric detective L, will also be in the movie. It's interesting how the two actors are still very much interested and able to get back into their roles despite the eight-year difference between the last movie and the upcoming one.

To celebrate the announcement, a series of videos were released, titled "Kira Virus" and a "Message from Kira."

The video is a minute and a half long. It's not dubbed and contains a lot of text, but we see snippets of how the new Death Note happens in the movie. Then we see the mobile screen acting up, as though defaced by virus.


The proverbial apple present in the world of Death Note is consumed in the video, accompanied by Ryuk's laughter in the background. Then we see Fujiwara delivering a very interesting message (translated by Crunchyroll):

"I am Kira. I entrust everything to you as the one who takes over my blood and will. Get a Death Note. Live on as Kira."

Death Note: Light Up The New World will be out in theaters in Japan on Oct. 29.

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