06 Feb 2017 10:49 AM +00:00 UTC

Deadpool Writers Talk About Going Against Disney’s Safe Conventions

There are many things that contribute to Deadpool's success. Among them would definitely be the passion of the team behind the movie

However, another aspect that may have done this was the goal of being true to the voice of Deadpool despite the conventions that were expected in movies. Speaking to Variety alongside other writers of recent films, Rhett Reese shared how they went about the process of writing Deadpool.

He revealed that with the encouragement of Ryan Reynolds, producer and actor for Deadpool, they were able to:

"Write it as dark as our minds would go, as silly and sexual and violent as we wanted. So we did that, and it sat on a shelf for six years."

Interestingly, he also shared that the producer Simon Kinberg made a big difference in challenging the conventions that were usually bound with. He had suggested to create a movie at went beyond what can usually be seen in Marvel and Disney movies—in other words, create a movie that the studios won't do.

This perhaps contributed to the very anti-establishment and irreverent tone that Deadpool and Deadpool 2 are aiming to continue.

"It really feels like an apple among oranges with big studio movies. I think that contributed to its success."

Indeed, breaking conventions has become a gamble. Shock value can have its payoffs, but it also has to have reason behind the madness. Though perhaps Deadpool is an almost-exception to that.

The good thing is that, even if Deadpool 2 has already lost Tim Miller as director, it also gained David Leitch, known for both substance and a lot of action, something that we'll definitely be seeing in the sequel.

Deadpool 2 will start filming this June.

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