11 Jul 2017 2:35 AM +00:00 UTC

Deadpool Toasts To Wonder Woman After DCEU Film Passes Its Domestic Box Office Numbers

Wonder Woman continues to surprise everyone, beating popular comicbook movies left and right at the box office. Not only did Gal Gadot' s first feature film as Diana Prince beat superhero origin films like Iron Man and Captain America in total ticket sales, Wonder Woman has also passed Deadpool at the domestic box office.

Thanks to great reviews and strong word of mouth, Wonder Woman has continued making waves at the global and domestic box office, keeping its momentum to surpass quite a number of superhero movies, the latest of which includes Ryan Reynold's Deadpool. According to Box Office Mojo, the DC Extended Universe installment now stands at $368million at the domestic box office, passing over Deadpool's $363 million. With the film on its 38th day in screens it's also very likely that Wonder Woman would also pass the R-rated movie's total domestic and international ticket revenue.

Recognizing the film's achievement, the Deadpool Twitter account congratulates Wonder Woman while poking a little fun at the whole armpit shenanigans that popped up earlier this year (remember when some netizens attacked Diana for having shaved pits? That's the moment the Merc with a Mouth's referring to.) Check the Tweet down here:

It's a juvenile joke, yes, but everyone knows what Deadpool can be a little bit brassy when he's showing some love. The Merc with a Mouth's proud of Diana, and so are we. Let's wait and see where Wonder Woman will take DC at the box office race as it continues its cinematic run.

Wonder Woman is currently screening in cinemas.

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