Deadpool Movie is Officially Banned in China

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Joe Lederer—20th Century Fox

If you're a Deadpool fan who's planning to travel to China anytime soon, you may want to cancel your plans because there's no way you'll be able to watch Ryan Reynolds and Tim Miller's superhero film next month.


Deadpool was banned due to its graphic violence, nudity, and vulgar language. This is a huge loss for 20th Century Fox since China is the second-largest movie market. If you're worried that the studio is going to recut the film for the Chinese, don't worry because because they won't let that happen. The Hollywood Reporter says:

China's censorship authorities often work with the Hollywood studios to create cleaned-up special cuts of R-rated movies, but sources close to the Deadpool decision say it wasn't possible to excise the offending material without causing plot problems.

The majority of the Deadpool fanbase are from the U.S. anyways, so as long as it stays true to the comics, I think the film will do fine in the box office. That's good to know that Miller and Reynolds are using the Rated R elements to advance the film's plot.

Deadpool hits theaters Feb. 12.

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