19 Jun 2016 10:51 AM +00:00 UTC

Deadpool Leaves North American Theaters, Bagging $363 Million

Deadpool ended its run in North American Theatres Friday with $363 million in domestic earnings. The Marvel superhero movie starring mercenary-with-a-mouth Wade Wilson (played by Ryan Reynolds) was in theatres for 126 days. Deadpool was the first R-Rated movie produced by Marvel studios.

20th Century Fox announced Deadpool's earnings via Box Office Mojo, In addition to its domestic profits, Deadpool has pulled in around $430 million overseas so far, making for a total profit of $775,705,382. Deadpool has had the second- best performance in the domestic box office this year. The movie in first place is another Marvel production, Captain America: Civil War.

The film has broken a number of box office records. It made $12.7 million on its opening night, which made it the biggest opening weekend in history for a R-Rated film. It's opening weekend was 132.7 million, which made it the biggest opening weekend for a February release, the biggest weekend for a 20th Century Fox film and the biggest for a R-Rated Film. Deadpool continued to set R-Rated records, winning the best performance for an R-Rated film on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.


Deadpool has certainly set the bar high. Its success will doubtless lead to more R-Rated superhero movies in the future. What do you think made Deadpool so successful? Did it deserve its success? I think what attracted so many people to it was the fact people were really ready for a superhero movie that mercilessly made fun of itself. Comedy is the best medicine.

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