Deadpool Gets Funny 'How It Should Have Ended' Video

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YouTube channel, How It Should Have Ended, has made a ton of animated parody alternate endings to blockbuster hits. Now, its latest creation is 20th Century Fox's Deadpool.

The channel’s latest parody, How Deadpool Should Have Ended, features Deadpool cast Colossus, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, and Ajax, being their usual conservative, indifferent, and non-healing selves, respectively.

The parody also showcases several guest appearances including Captain America reprimanding Deadpool for his “language,” upcoming Dawn of Justice characters Batman and Superman bickering, and even a surprise Star Wars villain.

Check out How Deadpool Should Have Ended for yourself:





I think the video is spot on with its character interpretations. While I would have liked Vanessa to live in this alternate universe, I’m also wondering how she was able to survive a 350-foot fall inside the chamber she's in. You’ve got to appreciate Deadpool’s “Maximum effort” though.


Deadpool became a big hit at the box office during its release last month. The movie has already raked in $675 million at the worldwide box office so far. It most recently received a “Movie of the Year” nomination for the MTV Movie Awards.

Deadpool is still playing at local theaters.