Deadpool Gets Funny Betty White Review; Certified Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes

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Making an R-rated comic book film could be a huge risk in the age of PG-13 MCU domination at the box office. But thanks to Ryan Reynolds and Fox entertaining the masses with promotional materials over the last few months, it looks like Deadpool is going to do great at the box office. Deadpool really seems like the role Reynolds was born to play, and TV icon Betty White clearly agrees on that assessment. 

White took to Twitter today to share her mini-review of Deadpool, in which the 94-year-old comedy legend calls the film "Best Picture of the Year" and "glorious", and awards Deadpool a rating of four Golden Girls. Watch Betty White's review here: 

I love @VancityReynolds…here are a few of my thoughts about his new movie #Deadpool.
— Betty White (@BettyMWhite)
February 11, 2016

Betty White isn't the only one who loves the Deadpool movie. It currently has a Certified Fresh score on the review aggregate Rotten Tomatoes. 

Deadpool opens on Friday, Feb. 12.