Deadpool Almost Had an Honest Trailer End Credits, Real One Coming Soon

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Image Credit: Screen Junkies

Deadpool is one of the most original superhero films to have ever graced the silver screen. Not only was the film loved by fans, critics raved about it too. Now, new info from Deadpool Director Tim Miller has revealed that there's one sequence in Deadpool which could have made it that much more explosive.

In an interview with The Art of the Title, Miller was asked about other end credits sequence ideas that led up to the final credits that the audience saw in the movies. As expected, it wasn't the first idea that the creative team had come up with.

The director's wife, Jennifer, and creative director Norn Johnson had this other extremely creative trailer. Miller explained:

[Jennifer Miller and Norn Johnson] pitched doing our own version of the Honest Trailers, where the guys go in and tell you everything that was wrong with the movie. I loved that idea!
We actually wanted to get the guy who does them to do an Honest Trailers version of Deadpool and run it during the titles. I can't wait until they do one! [laughs]

Well, that's just genius. Ending Deadpool with an honest trailer would have been perfect to the inside joke-filled movie. Though the movie's creators would have run the risk of overkill as well. In the end, obviously the honest trailer didn't happen. Nevertheless, we could still hope until Deadpool 2, or a real honest trailer comes out from Screen Junkies.

Well, the wait won't be too long, since this just came in from Screen Junkies:

Well... you won't have long to wait, Mr. Miller: We have a Deadpool Honest Trailer in the works! Now, what would make it REALLY AWESOME, is if all our Screen Junkies fans could tweet Mr. Ryan Reyonlds himself (@VancityReynolds), politely asking to lend his one-of-a-kind Deadpool vocals to the proceedings. Let's get this thing made RIGHT! #deadpoolhonesttrailer

I honestly can't wait!

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