Deadpool 2 Writers Would Rather Have ‘Lovable Losers’ than Big X-Men Cameos for Film

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For the past few days, while Ryan Reynolds and 20th Century Fox have been busy promoting Deadpool for this year's Academy Awards, writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick have been busy fielding questions about the film's highly anticipated sequel, Deadpool 2. In one of their latest interviews, the screen writers reveal more about the cameos that'll make their way into the film.

Speaking with Steve Weintraub from Collider in an interview, Reese and Wernick reveal their cameo priorities for Deadpool 2. While many would assume that the two would give way to bigger mutant cameos from the X-Men franchise, the two reveal that they'd much rather feature the loveable underdogs of the mutant universe instead.

"Cause you kinda don't want a Ferrari in 'Deadpool' unless it's for a real purpose.'Deadpool' is a gritty, grimy, smaller thing, with characters you aren't as familiar with; it's a little bit like lovable losers - it's not the A-list of superheroes, necessarily," Reese explains in the interview.


Of course, the team will also give way for big cameo's if necessary. Reese reveals further:

"the occasional cameo or appearance by an A-list type person could be really funny and/or dramatic. So we have an eye open for those things, but we don't want to just put people in it because we can now, if that makes sense."

This means that fans don't have to worry at all on mixing on the chance of getting a Wolverine cameo in Deadpool 2. If Reese and Wernick find it necessary to have Hugh Jackman's Old Man Logan in the Deadpool sequel to help set up the X-Force, then why not?

Deadpool 2 is slated for release sometime in 2018.

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