Deadpool 2 Test Screenings Actually Got Positive Reviews

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Deadpool 2 is coming out in a few months and fans have been anxious about the sequel, thanks to recent reports. It was first reported that test screenings were negative and then others stated that the screenings have actually been received positively.

If The Hollywood Reporter is to be believed, it looks like fans have nothing to worry about as the most recent screenings have been received positively.

Apparently, the film was ridiculously popular with the test screen audiences, getting a 98% approval. The score was for the film's third screening, the first getting a 91% and the second getting 97%, both of which were already pretty high.


The report pretty much confirms that the supposed negative reviews for Deadpool 2 are false. While that can change when actual film critics are involved, everyone is hoping that the sequel lives up to expectations, if not surpasses them.

Deadpool 2 comes out on May 18.

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