Deadpool 2 Said to Have Cut Out One of its Main Villains

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During the early days of production for Deadpool 2, it was reported that Death Wish's Jack Kesy was set to play the main villain. Now with the movie coming out next month, rumor has it that Kesy's role has actually been cut from the film.

Accoring to The Tracking Board's Jeff Sneider (via Meet the Movie Press), he explains:


"Jack Kesy, who's gonna be the villain in Deadpool 2… I heard he got cut from the movie. Breaking news. So check that one out, guys. But yeah, I don't know if we're gonna be seeing Jack Kesy in Deadpool 2. We'll see. I haven't seen the movie, I haven't talked to anyone who have seen the movie, but I've heard, someone chimed in after that poll and they were like ‘I don't know if he's still in it.'"

Like Sneider emphasized, we should take this news with a grain of salt since we still don't have any solid evidence yet.

With Cable in the trailers looking set on capturing Julian Dennison's mutant character, I'm going to guess that Dennison was supposed to grow up some sort of tyrant in the future, with Cable travelling back to the past to stop him. I'm guessing Kesy's character was supposed to be the one responsible for the mutants being imprisoned, but the movie decided to cut his part so that they could focus more on Dennison's character arc.

It might not come out true, but it's my best guess.

Deadpool 2 hits theaters May 18.

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