Deadpool 2 Had To Cut Down A Major X-Men Supervillain Because of Budget

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Warning: This article contains spoilers for Deadpool 2.

Fans who've already seen Deadpool 2 know that the sequel to Ryan Reynold's first raunchy, R-rated movie had a lot of great surprises. Not only did the film reveal Juggernaut as one of the surprise villains of the film, it also had Black Tom Cassidy.

Unfortunately, unlike Juggernaut who had considerable screen time in the film, Black Tom Cassidy (played by Baywatch star Jack Kesy) didn't have that much time to wreak havoc in Deadpool 2 because of the film's limited budget.


Reynolds just recently went on an interview on Empire Film Podcast, and during the discussion, the Deadpool 2 star revealed that Black Tom was actually meant to be more than the butt of the joke in the Deadpool sequel. According to the Canadian actor, the X-Men supervillain was meant to be one of the big bads in the film. Well, that is until 20th Century Fox said that the production was over budget.

"Black Tom was just in the movie as a supervillain who has incredible powers and all sorts of stuff. It was the f*cking studio that said 'You guys are over budget, you can't afford this. So his whole storyline got trimmed way back and Jack Kesy, who played him, is such a sport and stayed on in the role."

Though this new information might end up disappointing X-Men fans, it's isn't unsurprising to hear that Black Tom's rule was chopped by the fringes because of budget issues. This kind or process usually happens when you play smaller roles in blockbuster movies like Deadpool 2.

Deadpool 2 is currently screening in cinemas.\

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