07 Mar 2018 2:26 PM +00:00 UTC

DC Unveils Tom King and Clay Mann's Five-Page Action Comics #1000 Story

Action Comics #1000 comes out next month and DC has decided to release an appetizer to lure in fans for the main course. The publisher has released Tom King and Clay Mann's full five-page story. King has proven to be one of DC's best writers, thanks to books like Omega Men, Batman, and Mister Miracle, so it's no surprise that this short story is surprisingly effective.

In King and Mann's story, the Earth has already fallen and the entire population has seemingly been moved to another planet. Superman even comments on the statuses of Lois Lane and their son Jonathan, though they don't appear in the story. What's nice is that Superman actually misses Earth in spite of all its faults.

(DC Comics/Clay Mann)


Superman states that this is his last visit to the planet since it's going to be destroyed soon. While he admits that he could save the planet, he feels like it's time to let it go and uses the opportunity to say goodbye to his parents. As far as short stories go it is rather touching and Mann's art is phenomenal, though some fans might scoff at it for not being canon.

Fans can check out the five-page story here. Action Comics #1000 comes out on April 18.

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