19 Aug 2019 2:59 PM +00:00 UTC

DC Universe's Harley Quinn Gets a Featurette That Teases Some R-Rated Fun

DC Universe's upcoming Harley Quinn animated series is looking like a promising R rated time, with Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco voicing the character in her first solo show. While the previous trailer was fine, this new behind-the-scenes featurette (from IGN) has shown off more R rated fun, though doesn't drop any f-bombs (which the show will have). We also get more of the character's motivation and some confirmed DC heroes who will be appearing.

Harley is ready to take over Gotham City as its Kingpin (Queenpin? Quinnpin?) and she wants to be more than The Joker's girlfriend. Seemingly over his abusive nature (though there are scenes of them together here), Harley wants to control Gotham City herself and with fiends like Poison Ivy by her side, she might just be able to do so.

The featurette isn't afraid to go R rated, with heads exploding, some blood, and a couple of swears here and there. It also has appearances from other DC heroes like Superman and Wonder Woman, who join Batman. How the other two get involved is going to be really interesting, even if Batman can usually handle Gotham crime by himself.


While it's not Batman: The Animated Series, not yet anyway, there is definitely a big audience for a Harley Quinn animated series. After all, she is one of the most popular characters in DC's roster right now and future appearances in Birds of Prey and The Suicide Squad will only net her more fans.

Harley Quinn will debut in DC Universe this October.

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