DC Movies Aquaman & Man of Steel 2 See Preproduction & Confirmed Script

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Despite a few setbacks in one of DC's promising movies, it seems that its other solo franchises are working well enough.

For one, actress Amy Adams who plays Lois Lane, confirmed with Hey U Guys in an interview that there's already a script in the pipeline for the sequel.

"I read about Man of Steel 2 when you guys did. A lot of times I find out after the fact, which is fine, it's completely normal, it's not indicative of anything. But yeah, I know they're working on a script and I know it's in the works."

This may be half-expected by fans, particularly those who may not have seen Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice as the rightful sequel. There hasn't been much talk about a sequel, at least not as much as the hype connected to the likes of the upcoming lineup of DC films.

One of these films is Aquaman, now confirmed to start preproduction in Gold Coast. The Gold Coast Bulletin has announced that Aquaman will be going to preproduction soon at Village Roadshow Studios sometime later this month. It seems that the cast and crew will be using the sets used for Thor: Ragnarok, after the sets have been taken down that is.

Aquaman will star Jason Momoa as the titular King of Atlantis. Together with him is Amber Heard as Mera and Willem Defoe as Nuidis Vulko. It's expected in theaters on July 26, 2018.

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