DC Fans Sign Petition For Shia LaBeouf to Play Red Hood in DCEU

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We've heard that Jason Todd, a.k.a. the second Robin and Red Hood, will appear in a solo Batman film, but there's no confirmation about that. Todd did exist in the DCEU, however, as it was hinted that the Joker killed him, but some fans still want to see the character on the big screen.

Now, there's a group of fans who started a petition to get Warner Bros. to consider casting Shia LaBeouf for the role. The online petition was launched at change.org, and at the time of this writing, over 800 fans have signed the petition. A petition like this won't likely influence the studio's decision, but it's good to know which actor fans would like to see for the role. Here's a list of reasons why they think LaBeouf should play Red Hood:

Shia Labeouf is willing to go the distance to be the best that his character can be in recent films
It's an opportunity for him to show the world what an amazing actor he can truly be if you Just give him a chance to be this character
Help him get from one of the most looked down upon actors in Hollywood to one of the most beloved actors in Hollywood because of this role
Ben Affleck was hated by so many people because he was cast as Batman and now he is loved by many after they say what an amazing performance Ben Affleck could do as Batman
Shia Labeouf is truly one of the most talented actors in Hollywood if you have seen his recent films
If you know the character Jason Todd aka Red Hood and if you know Shia Labeouf then you can see how similar they are and how perfect this casting choice is for Shia Labeouf

I could see LaBeouf give this role some justice. He was supposed to show up in Suicide Squad, but that didn't happen.

So would you like to see LaBeouf play Red Hood or would you rather see a different actor?