David Ayer Possibly Reaffirms His Involvement With Gotham City Sirens

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Yesterday, rumors came out that Suicide Squad David Ayer has been booted from the Gotham City Sirens project, that's why we didn't get an official announcement at SDCC 2017. Ayer, however, seems to want to dispel this rumor, and is possibly reaffirming his involvement with the movie.


It doesn't really say much, but just seeing Harley Quinn is probably enough to tell fans that he's referring to Gotham City Sirens.

According to yesterday's report, Ayer was said not to be part of any future plans by Warner Bros, and this comment he had during an SDCC panel might also be implying some anger toward the studio:

"I don't think people realize the situation filmmakers face… [Bright] isn't like, some bullshit standard issue studio PG-13 movie. I was able to do some real shit here."

As of now, we can't really say much about Gotham City Sirens. What we do know for sure is that the movie would have Margot Robbie returning as Harley Quinn, and we would also be introduced to some classic femmes from Gotham including Catwoman and Poison Ivy.

Ayer seems like a topnotch director, and despite the negative reception of Suicide Squad, you can't really blame him. The studio was said to have given him only six weeks to write the script, and another company was brought in to edit the movie.

For now, Ayer might be focused on the release of his Netflix movie Bright starring Suicide Squad actor Will Smith. I'll be honest, it actually looks pretty good:

Bright hits Netflix Dec. 22.

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