17 Nov 2015 5:19 PM +00:00 UTC

Daniel Radcliffe Might Wear A Wookiee Costume For Star Wars: The Force Awakens

There's going to be a bunch of fans who will wear Star Wars costumes for the screenings of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but if you happen to see someone wearing a Wookiee costume, you might be close to Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe.

Radcliffe told Conan O'Brien he's a "late convert" but a "massive Star Wars fan."He said that he wants to go to a midnight screening of the film, but he's worried about being recognized by fans and becoming a distraction, so it's time for him to choose a costume. He dressed up as Spider-Man in Comic Con before, so it would be interesting to see if he actually ends up wearing a Wookiee costume, but sadly, theaters are restricting fans from use full-face masks and Star Wars weaponry during the showing of The Force Awakens. You can read more about the restrictions here.

Watch the segment from Conan below:

Star Wars: The Force Awakens will be released in theaters on Dec. 18.