Daisy Ridley Teases A Bigger Story For The Porgs In Star Wars: The Last Jedi

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Star Wars fans might have been initially wary of Rian Johnson's hamster-faced puffins when they were first seen in the behind-the-scenes reel of Star Wars: The Last Jedi released earlier this year, but the community started warming up to the Porgs after seeing one excitedly squawk in the first ever trailer for the highly-anticipated sequel trilogy installment.

Sitting down with Empire magazine after working on Murder on the Orient Express, Daisy Ridley got a tad bit excited when talking about the Star Wars franchise's newest mascot.


"You haven't even seen glimmer of the story they offer. What's amazing too is that they come with us on..."sensing that she might be giving away too much, Ridley stops, and then adds,"Oops, spoiler. I'm um…sure, there are Porgs in lots of places."

That's a pretty great tease. Star Wars fans already know that there's going to be one Porg flying around with Chewie in the Millenium Falcon, so what else are the Porg's going to do in The Last Jedi? Are they going to steal off BB-8's head like they did in that Star Wars Blips video Lucasfilm released a few months ago? Or are they going to tackle the Knights of Ren to the ground? Who knows really. Let's just wait and see.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits cinemas December 15, 2017.

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