Daisy Ridley Says Star Wars: Episode VIII Director Rian Johnson Will Be Cheekier Than J.J. Abrams

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Star Wars: Episode VIII may have just began shooting, but Daisy Ridley is already being asked about the film. Entertainment Tonight's Ashley Crossan asked if there's a difference on set between Episodes 7 and 8, and she said,"It's still very lovely and warm and friendly, just like seven was,"

And when asked if director Johnson is just as secretive as J.J. Abrams, she said, "I think Rian actually wants to be a bit cheekier with the little tidbits of information that come out, which is fun."

She said giving fans a bit of details to keep their interests up. "You can see, even with the way Mark and Carrie posted pictures with their chairs, it's a little bit freer," Ridley said.

Last month, Rian Johnson jokingly shuts down Anthony Daniels for threatening to spoil the plot.

Star Wars: Episode VIII will be released in theaters on Dec. 15, 2017.

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