Crystal Dynamics Explains How Marvel's Avengers Missions Works

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After waiting a while, we finally have an idea of how the missions in Marvel's Avengers will work. It's definitely going to be an interesting action-adventure game, especially with the addition of new heroes and regions getting added. Hopefully, the game lives up to all of our expectations and Crystal Dynamics are capable of doing that if their Tomb Raider games are anything to go by.

Now for the missions. Creative Director Noah Hughes revealed that there will be story missions that restrict you with one hero, usually for story purposes, while other missions will let you choose a character of your choice. This is where the replayability comes in since missions where you get to choose a hero will have four-player multiplayer, which is going to be interesting.


Here's what Hughes told Digital Spy:

"There are specific areas where you play a specific hero, but then there are also lots of missions that open up and you can play with any hero. You can also team up with three other players on those missions."

This Destiny-like approach is fairly interesting and one that should encourage players to experiment with their heroes. Replayability is always nice and being able to use multiple heroes should be fun. Hopefully, all of these characters will be fun to use and future heroes should be just as good.

Marvel's Avengers comes out on May 15, 2020.

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