Could The Shazam! Director Be Teasing Film’s Potential Plot Points In New Photos?

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Shazam! is currently in pre-production and director David F. Sandberg's been busy teasing fans with new photos that might hint at potential storylines for Captain Marvel's first solo film in the burgeoning DC Extended Universe.

Sure it's only been a few days since the film's pre-production gears have started turning, however it seems like Sandberg's been having a swell time in his new office at the Warner Bros. Studio in Los Angeles, California. While the first photo Sandberg posted featured an empty corner of his room at the studio, new images from the DCEU director show off a decorated space with Shazam! posters and figures littered all over.

In his photos, fans get to see Shazam figures posed in what might be a hint at potential plot points for the upcoming film.

Check them out here:


Sandberg's Day 6 photo features quite a number of Shazam characters including Tawny, an anthropomorphic tiger who serves as a supporting character to Captain Marvel in the comics. The image also shows Atom, an evil robot, and Mind, an evil worm.


The second photo features a new card posted on Sandberg's wall, one of a man in a trench coat and a tie. Fans have started speculating that the picture could be in reference to John Constantine, and many have started wondering whether the film would tie in with Justice LeagueDark. The Shazam! director hasn't responded to any of these guesses yet, but it's also likely that Sandberg's just pulling fan's legs.

Shazam! premieres April 5, 2019.

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