Could Disney Be Dropping Solo: A Star Wars Story’s Trailer Next Friday?

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It's been two weeks since the premiere of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, however it seems like Lucasfilm has yet to release the first official trailer of its next standalone, Solo: A Star WarsStory.

There's been a lot of anxiety over the upcoming spinoff. Not only has Solo encountered major hiccups during its production, but the studio been relatively quiet about the project even though marketing is supposed to start hitting around this time with the film set for its May release.


Though there still haven't been any official first look photos or teaser trailers, there are those who believe (h/t Movie Web) that the marketing campaign for Solo could start soon. Disney has had the habit of dropping its trailers during football events on ESPN, and on January 8, the channel is airing its college football National Championship – the perfect event for a trailer drop.

Though the theory could be wrong, the very first trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi did air on ESPN during the halftime of the channel's Monday Night Football game between the Minnesota Vikings and the Chicago Bears. The trailer for The Force Awakens was also released during another Monday Night Football game, this time between the Giants and the Eagles. Back in 2015, the Mickey Mouse House also used the National Championship game to air its trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron.

If the company plans on having anything aired during the National Championship game on January 8, then Solo would definitely be one of its options.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is currently screening in cinemas. Solo: A Star Wars Story is set to release on May 25, 2018.


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