Cool 'Pokemon: Red and Blue' Hack Lets You Play as a Girl

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A clever fan has created a hack for the original Pokemon: Red and Blue game that lets the gamer use a female player character, Kotaku reports. Twitter user mahoushoujorose is behind the hack. Kotaku has a video of it in action below:

This hack is especially interesting because early concepts for Red and Blue(Red and Green in Japan) did include a female player character. You can see her in some of the art:


From Pokemon

A character apparently based off her is present in the Pokemon Adventures manga, where she's known as "Green" ("Blue" in Japan).

From Pokemon Adventures

But she didn't make it to the final game. It wasn't until Pokemon Crystal in 2001 that players got a female character option. However, when Pokemon: Red and Blue was remade as Pokemon: FireRed and LeafGreen, it featured a female player option that is likely based on this character. She was referred to as "Leaf".

From Pokemon

Long story short, this hack is actually probably true to some original concepts for the game. So while it may seem like just a small change to some, it's pretty cool. A page detailing more about it is here.

What do you think of the hack?

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