Conspiracy Theory Video: How Back To The Future Predicted 9/11

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Who would have thought that the 1985 Back to the Future film had prophetic clues to the 9/11 attacks? I've come across Apophenia Proeductions' video that point the 9/11 references littered throughout the classic film. Check it out: 


I'm usually a skeptic to conspiracy theories and Illuminati symbolisms as these prophetic clues were usually traced in retrospect, sometimes bending facts to align with future events, but this video is chillingly fascinating, so convincing that I had to ponder these clues deeply, wondering if they're just coincidences or hidden truths. Of course, we'll probably never figure out for sure what they're about, but you have to admit that this video does a great job highlighting these details. 

I've also included a video on how the film predicted John F. Kennedy's assassination. Check it out below. What do you think of these conspiracy theories? Do you believe them? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.