Closer Look at the New Supers of The Incredibles II

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Though the trailers make it look like The Incredibles and Frozone are the only supers left in the universe, the movie actually plans to introduce much more. Thanks to ComicBook, we have a new look at the super group nicknamed ‘The Wannabes'.

Check them out:

via: ComicBook/Pixar Animation Studios


From left to right, these characters are named Screech, He-Lectrix, Reflux, Brick, Compactor, and Voyd.

We don't know much about the Wannabes yet, but director Brad Bird had this to say about the last super, Voyd:

"There's a character named Voyd who's a new superhero, and she admires Helen and is kind of a Helen groupie… I described her to the animators as like, we had this dog that was this very big, powerful dog and it only had two settings. One was in your face, 'Love me! Love me! Love me! Love me! Love me! Love me!' And when you said finally, 'Get off!' it [becomes] 'I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!' Then he goes, 'Oh it's okay! Now Love me, love me, love me!' She's a little bit like that and she's always leaning in a little too much and always a little too ready to ask ten million questions and it's a fun character. I've never seen that before in superhero movies and we're always trying to juice it up."

We also find out that Reflux, the frog-looking guy in the roster, is named after the acid reflux condition, and his powers basically make him spray acid.

With the Wannabes being marketed as superheroes, I don't know whether we should expect them to turn into villains at some point in the movie. Though I'm fine that we're going to see more supers, that Screech guy looks like he's one heck of a creep.

The Incredibles II will come out June 14.

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