Closer Look at Elaborate Control Panels in Star Wars: Episode VIII Dubrovnik Set

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Earlier today, we shared new photos from the set for the upcoming filming of Star Wars: Episode VIII in Stradun, Dubrovnik. We described how shoppers were spotted trying to enter the shops with the fibreglass otherworldly facades and pressing fake buttons.

Now, we're getting a closer look at those "fake buttons" which appear like nifty control panels.

Take a look at the new photos as seen on Croatian website


These images come only days after we saw tents being set up in the Old City Port and Trg Oruzja Square, as well as the set in Dubrovnik City's main street being constructed earlier this week.

Star Wars: Episode VIII will begin filming in the city on March 9 up to the 16th. The area now has a number of security guards roaming. Meanwhile, pedestrians will reportedly be directed to a parallel street during filming.

It's always a treat seeing these kinds of set transformations. It's a good thing the area is public as we'll most likely be seeing photo updates from passersby.

See the progress of the Star Wars: Episode VIII filming from the first day:

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