Classic Star Wars Games Will Soon Be Xbox One Compatible

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Fans who have kept their original Xbox games are in for some great news. Microsoft has announced a number of games from the old console will soon be compatible with the Xbox One and a number of those titles are Star Wars classics. It's clear that April will be a great month for Microsoft gamers.

Two sets of original Xbox games will become compatible with the Xbox One, with the first set coming out on April 17 and the second set coming out on April 26. There are plenty of great games that will soon be playable on Xbox One.

Here are the games coming out on April 17:


Now here are the titles coming out on April 26, a number of which are excellent Star Wars games. Fans who have kept their physical copies should be happy, while those that don't have them anymore will be able to buy them digitally.


Detractors of EA's Battlefront II will be happy seeing the older Battlefront titles available. Jedi Academy, Knights of the Old Republic II, and Republic Commando are also very good games, so Star Wars fans who haven't played these games should grab them later this month.

Via Xbox

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