Classic Kingdom and LCD Mini-Games Announced For Kingdom Hearts 3

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Square Enix has released the latest Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer and its one fans weren't expecting to see. Rather than showcase a new Disney world for Sora and co. to visit, this video is focused on the return of Classic Kingdom - which has characters from Twilight Town - and the various mini-games that can be played.

The mini-games are done in a similar manner to those old Tiger handhelds, which should be very nostalgic for 90's kids. They were really popular back in the day despite their limited gameplay that mostly revolved around evading or punching enemies, though the ones in the Classic Kingdom look a bit more refined.

Mini-games are nothing new to Kingdom Hearts, though having one dedicated to LCD games is a first. Previous mini-games in the series were usually seen in Winnie The Pooh's world, aside from the infamous rhythm game from Atlantis in Kingdom Hearts 2. What a nightmare that one was.


Seeing characters from Twilight Town, particularly the friends of Roxas from Kingdom Hearts 2, is interesting, to say the least. Granted, Sora has seen them before but it does seem to clarify that Ventus will be playing a big part in this installment.

Kingdom Hearts 3 is slated for release this year and will be coming out on the PS4.

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