Clancy Brown Says Warcraft Orcs Are More Badass Than Lord Of The Rings Orcs

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If you thought Peter Jackson showed you the most hard-core orcs there is to find with Lord of the Rings, then you're mistaken – at least to Warcraft actor Clancy Brown. While LOTR has been the epitome of epic fantasy films since its release, Brown thinks Warcraft orcs would beat Lord of the Rings anytime.

The 57-year-old actor, who plays the chief orc Blackhand in Warcraft, recently spoke to IGN and explained why he thought so.

They're similar to the Lord of the Rings orcs, except tougher and better looking and smarter and in every way better than the Lord of the Rings guys.

This statement might seem a little far-fetched, although I can agree that "smarter" is spot on. We saw that in this Warcrafttrailer where the orcs appear to be negotiating with their "enemies" to come up with a peaceful option to solve their problems.

Other than "smarter," I can't really say I can compare LOTR and Warcraft orcs.

I loved Peter Jackson's take on the Lord of the Rings novels. While the books have remained a classic in fantasy stories, the film trilogy shed a new light on fantasy films. If anything, it made people appreciate the world of fantasy even more.

Normally, I would side with Jackson, but to be subjective, I think the two films orcs' each serve a different function and universe which explains the way they look. In addition, Tolkien's orcs aren't "better looking" because they're not supposed to be. As for tougher, I'll have to see the film first before I can make an appropriate verdict.

Do you think Brown is right? Are Warcraft orcs better than Lord of the Rings orcs?