03 Jun 2016 5:32 PM +00:00 UTC

Cinematographer Larry Fong Says Only This Audience Will Enjoy the Batman v Superman R-Rated Cut

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice opened in March to particularly mixed reviews, and if those disappointed viewers think that the movie's R-Rated cut will win them over, then they may be disappointed yet again. At least that's according to the film's cinematographer Larry Fong.

Fong took to Twitter following the onslaught of information prior to the release of the Batman v Superman Ultimate Edition, sharing his thoughts on which specific audience the extended version of the movie will please.

It seems that Fong thinks the Ultimate Edition won't be winning over fans who originally didn't like the PG-13 version, but of course it will be appreciated by those who loved the latter version.


Clearly, Fong shared this statement thinking that some fans form an opinion too quickly about these kinds of things, and he's right.

Nowadays, people are easily swayed by the opinions of critics and other people who have seen a movie prior to its release. In the case of the new Ghostbusters, people have judged the movie fairly quickly just from seeing a few trailers.

The entirety of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will not change even with the extended version. Apparently, it will simply provide fans who enjoyed the movie with more content.

Personally, Fong could be speaking a bit too soon. With more content, the Ultimate Edition could feature more scenes that take the time to explore the characters, therefore making the showdown in the end that much more interesting.

In any case, we'll know whether Fong is right or not when we actually get to see the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition on June 28 on digital HD and the physical release on July 29.

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