CIA’s Trove Of Osama Bin Laden’s Files Show Pirated Games And Anime

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The CIA just recently released a massive bundle of files from Bin Laden's hard drive back on Wednesday, and as surprising as it may sound, the 9/11 mastermind might actually have been a gamer.

While the files included Al-Qaeda correspondence, propaganda documents, draft materials, video files and journal entries, Newsweek reports that games like Counter-Strike, Half-Life, Super Mario Bros, Final Fantasy VII and a bunch of Dragon Ball Z titles were included in the mix.


Steam also shows up on Bin Laden's files, indicating that the Al-Qaeda terrorist leader would go on to play live games online. Though the documents don't really say which team he was on, Counter-Strike gamers may have been able to play with or encounter Bin Laden somewhere in the game while he was in hiding.

That's not all. Bin Laden also seemed to be a closet otaku. According to PC Games, the terrorist's hard drive contained a number of seasons for Naruto, Bleach, Devil May Cry, and Final Fantasy Advent Children - all illegally downloaded material.

It sounds hilariously impossible that Bin Laden was a gamer and an otaku, knowing what he did during 9/11, but with so much time to kill while hiding, what else is a terrorist to do? Either that or somebody else was using his hard drive for him. We can never be really sure.

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