08 Mar 2018 7:31 AM +00:00 UTC

Christopher Robin Director On Bringing Pooh's Iconic Voice To The Big Screen

While most of Disney's heavily touted live-action films have been remakes of animated classics, the upcoming Christopher Robin is unique in that it's a sequel to the Winnie the Pooh film. The trailer was instantly loved by many, not due to Ewan McGregor's casting as Christopher Robin but because of Jim Cumming's classic voice for Pooh.

Let's be honest, the minute Pooh said "Christopher Robin," the hearts of many fans melted. It's clear that Cumming's voice was instrumental in getting the film made and director Marc Foster knows this.

Speaking with Entertainment Tonight, Foster discussed how important it was to get Cummings for Pooh's voice. Though he wasn't the original actor, Cummings has been voicing the character for over 30 years. He has voiced Pooh and Tigger in a number of projects, from home releases to the 2011 Winnie the Pooh film, and even Kingdom Hearts.

"He lived this character for over 30 years, so for him, this is, sort of, part of his being at this point. It was important to me [to have] this nostalgic element of the voice and the feel. It was very important."

It's not just Pooh in the film though, as Foster has confirmed that Tigger, Eeyore, Piglet, Rabbit and more will be appearing. Hopefully, they're also voiced by their previous actors and won't be replaced by big-name celebrities.

Christopher Robin comes out on Aug. 3.

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