Christopher Nolan Says Each Entry in His Batman Trilogy is a Different Genre

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It's been five years since Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy ended, but it's still considered today as one of the best superhero franchises ever made. Chris Nolan just recently made this cool revelation about the movies, and specifies that each entry is actually a different genre.

As per Total Film:

Christopher Nolan says each of his Bat movies is a different genre. Begins is "hero's journey". Dark Knight a "crime movie" comparable to Mann's Heat. Rises is a "war film". Genres defined by adversaries: mentor Ra's al Ghul, terrorist Joker & "militaristic Bane" #cannes2018

Arguably the best entry in the entire Trilogy is The Dark Knight as Nolan managed to bring in several elements from the comics, but at the same making the movie feel as realistic as possible. Sadly the death of Heath Ledger forced a different direction to The Dark Knight Rises, but the movie still has its moments. Anne Hathaway was a fantastic Catwoman, and that fight between Batman and Bane was as brutal as it could get.

We don't know if Nolan would be open to coming back to superhero films someday in the future, but I could see him directing another dark hero for the DCEU. How about a Rorschach spinoff or maybe a movie about The Question?

Hopefully Nolan reveals more interesting revelations about his trilogy when it hits its 10th Anniversary this July.

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