Chris Carter Clears Controversy Behind New ‘X-Files’ Episodes

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The first two episodes of FOX's new The X-Files miniseries aired earlier this week, but it hasn't exactly been smooth sailing.

Apparently, the order of the six-part series wasn't originally intended, causing diehard fans to worry whether it'll destroy the series. What's supposed to be episode 2 became episode 4, while episode 4 moved to episode 5. Meanwhile, episode 5 aired as episode 2. As for episode 3, it's the only standalone episode in its original order.

To appease fans' doubts, creator Chris Carter sat down with TV Insider and explained the order switch.


Creator Chris Carter has now stepped up to put an end to any fears that the new The X-Files might be in some kind of trouble.

Because we have a story arc that runs through the middle of the series…we were concerned that, coming right off a mythology episode [and] going right into a standalone episode, people would say, ‘What's happened?' So, it actually worked out. It served episode 2 better to replace it with 5. It created a better continuity.

It's good news that FOX knows that it's in good hands and has decided to leave any changes to Carter.

I'd trust Carter on this one. Obviously, he wouldn't have decided on the changes unless absolutely necessary. In addition, having created the entire original 9 seasons of The X-Files, I have no doubt in my mind that he knows what fans will like. I'm just glad it's Carter behind the new series.

The FOX miniseries airs Mondays at 8 p.m. EST.