Cho Yi Hyun Relationship: Did the All of Us Are Dead Actress Date Co-Star Lomon?

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One of the most talked about K-dramas this 2022 is Netflix’s All of Us Are Dead, where Cho Yi Hyun starred as the main character.

The 22-year-old rising star swooned viewers with her bold and fearless character as she played class president turned half-human, half-zombie Choi Nam Ra.


Interestingly, besides her outstanding performance, viewers also lauded her chemistry with co-star Lomon, the campus crush Lee Soo Hyeok.

Due to their undeniable on-screen chemistry, fans are shipping the two, hoping that they will become an item in real life.

While her character plays hard to get with the campus crush, Cho Yi Hyun gets honest as she details her love life.

Is Cho Yi Hyun Single?

In one of her previous interviews back in 2021, Cho Yi Hyun surprised the audience after he dropped a bombshell revelation regarding her relationship.

At the time, she was promoting her drama School 2021 where she plays Jin Ji Won, whose loveline is WEi’s Kim Yo Han’s character Gong Ki Joon.

During the interview, the actress revealed why she couldn't relate to her School 2021 role.

She began by saying that she doesn't understand what “first love is supposed to be.”

Moreover, Cho Yi Hyun confessed that she doesn't understand what love means, hence the feeling of falling in love and having a “first love” because the actress never had one.

“I’ve never been able to love fully. I’m sure if I meet someone in the future, I’ll know but for now, I don’t know what it is,” she explained, as obtained by Koreaboo.

On the other hand, viewers are shipping Cho Yi Hyun and All of Us Are Dead co-star Lomon after the duo showed undeniable chemistry in the Netflix series.

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However, during her interview with Pinkvilla, the actress expressed her gratitude to fans who liked their chemistry

As for her team-up with Lomon, she said that he “was very helpful and a good screen partner” and added that she was “grateful” for having a co-star who is as considerate as him.

What’s Next for Cho Yi Hyun After All of Us Are Dead?

Following the success of the Netflix series, Cho Yi Hyun is headlining an upcoming movie Ditto with Yeo Jin Goo.

Scheduled to premiere on November 16, the upcoming romance fantasy series also featured Bae In Hyuk, Na In Woo, and Kim Hye Hyun as lead stars.

It follows the story of two individuals who were able to communicate with each other despite living in different times.

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