12 Jul 2016 8:12 PM +00:00 UTC

Chewbacca Mom Makes a Musical Return to Mixed Reception

Candace Payne on Good Morning America

Candace Payne gained a lot of fame as "Chewbacca Mom" when she made a video of herself in a Chewbacca mask and it went viral. Now she's made her return and she want to heal the world. As in, she decided to sing Micheal Jackson's Heal the World in response to the Dallas shootings. Her video was live on Facebook. The video was also published on YouTube yesterday. You can see it below:

Payne introduces the video by talking about her proximity to the shootings and how she is emotionally affected and feels that the whole world is as well. She said that she felt she has spread a lot of joy and wanted to spread more in the wake of tragedy. She then sang her rendition of Jackson's famous song.

Much like Chewbacca Mom's previous videos, this one also went viral, The New York Times reports. However, the paper also reports that reception was pretty mixed. This is the Internet, after all, where negativity thrives. It's also a difficult time for many people and there are a lot of complicated politics surrounding the conversation about this tragedy. Many bemoaned Chewbacca Mom trying to be a "moral compass" while others questioned why she hadn't responded to other tragedies. However, many were moved by Chewbacca Mom's song.

Here's a small sample of the reactions to Payne's song on both sides of the spectrum:


As for the woman herself, she told the Times that she felt her video said it all. "You can either have water in your bucket, or gasoline in your bucket and I chose to have water.' At any rate, Payne's video has gotten 4.5 million views and counting and over 600,000 shares so she's certainly reached a lot of people.


I personally think that while how helpful it is can be argued, the song doesn't hurt anything. I don't really know much about Chewbacca Mom's politics and if I would agree with them, but she does have a nice voice and it is nice to try to spread joy. What do you think of the video? Was is a nice gesture or wildly out-of-touch?

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