Chewbacca Mom and Her Family Get Full College Scholarships

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Candace Payne "Chewbacca Mom" continues to rule the webs in this new video from Southeastern University, a private liberal arts university located in Lakeland, Florida.

Chewbacca Mom was on a family vacation, and on Monday, she visited the campus to take a tour with their spiky-haired mascot, and after looking at the various locations around the campus, and Candace saying, it's "the worst tour ever", she got a surprise from President Dr. Kent Ingle: full tuition scholarships for her entire family, including her husband and two children. Of course, that seemed to please the "Chewbacca Mom" enough to make her change her mind about the tour: "It officially turned in into the best tour ever...This tour is worth every penny!"

Not a lot of viewers seemed to like the video. The number of dislikes on YouTube reflects the dreadful quality of the video. What makes Chewbacca Mom's first video go viral is how she genuinely expressed joy with a Star Wars mask, making a lot of viewers smile and laugh, but this Southeastern University's video is void of what made Chewbacca Mom worth watching. It seems that she was dragged into this tour to make this video just to promote the university. It seems that she had more fun at the Facebook headquarters, and it's just sad seeing her look bored in this video.

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