Chainsaw Man Episode 7 90s Ending Features a Cool Easter Egg

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Chainsaw Man Episode 7 Ending Makima

While some fans tend to skip an anime’s ending credits, that’s not the case with Chainsaw Man as it features unique endings for each episode. The new Chainsaw Man Episode 7 ending is another must-see for fans as it has a cool easter egg that some hardcore series lovers might spot.

The new ending for the anime features a unique style along with references to the recent episode’s events.


It also features an artwork of Makima which many fans of the manga should be familiar with.

Chainsaw Man Unique Endings per Episode

chainsaw man episode 7 ending makima

In case you missed its announcement, it was revealed ahead of the show’s premiere that Chainsaw Man will have unique endings for each episode.

This means each ending credits sequence will feature its own animation along with a unique song.

These songs aren’t just made by one artist though, as MAPPA tapped multiple popular Japanese artists to perform the endings for the anime, including the likes of Vaundy, Maximum the Hormone, Kanaria, and more.


The latest Chainsaw Man ending features the song Chu,Tayousei. by Japanese artist Ano (aka Shimizu Ayano).

In case you’re unfamiliar, Ano is a solo artist who was previously a member of the idol group You'll Melt More!

Aside from being a popular singer, Ano is also an actress. She played the role of Taki in the Netflix production Adam by Eve: A Live in Animation which was released this year.

As for the Episode 7 ending sequence, it features a 90s-inspired aesthetic, complete with a retro game-style animated scene and CRT scan lines at various points.

Once again, the ending was a hit among fans as it reached over 1 million views in under 24 hours.

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Chainsaw Man Episode 7 Ending Easter Egg

chainsaw man episode 7 ending easter egg makima

The ending features lots of references to the events of Episode 7, including a lengthy scene recreating Himeno vomiting on Denji, as well as the devil hunters eating together in the restaurant.

As for the easter egg, some eagle-eyed fans spotted an artwork of Makima that’s based on a popular Makima fan art by @usa18_ from way back in 2019.

While it’s just a small part of the ending, many fans were impressed by the reference.

After all, while this fan art is popular among fans, it’s been years since it first went viral in the fanbase.


For many fans, this proves how much the Chainsaw Man anime staff love the series, even from way back then.

Given this cool easter egg, it’ll be interesting to see what else will be in store in the next Chainsaw Man endings.

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