Chainsaw Man Creator Fujimoto Reveals Denji and Power's Disgusting Prank on Aki

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Chainsaw Man Prank Aki

The latest episode of Chainsaw Man saw lots of interesting reveals for anime-only viewers. Though it also featured something new for manga readers as Chainsaw Man creator Tatsuki Fujimoto revealed new details in the form of Denji and Power’s prank on Aki.

In the second half of Episode 5, Aki revealed how disgusted he was by Denji and Power’s prank.


While he didn’t mention what happened, Fujimoto shared what went down on Twitter.

Denji, Power, and Aki

chainsaw man aki denji power

Denji, Power, and Aki are the show’s main trio, though they’re not exactly on the best of terms as they constantly bicker with each other.

Aki made his debut in Episode 2 where he met Denji. The two did not hit it off at all as Aki told Denji to quit being a devil hunter due to his lack of motivation.

Denji did not take well to this, and the two fought, ending with Denji repeatedly kicking Aki in the nuts.

Despite their fight, their superior, Makima, told Aki that Denji will work under him.


To make things worse, Denji was assigned to live in the same apartment as Aki.

chainsaw man denji aki

However, it seems as though having Denji under his roof was not enough as soon, the Fiend turned devil hunter Power was also assigned to live with Aki and Denji.

At first, Aki already had trouble keeping Denji and Power in check during missions. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Power living in Aki’s apartment further adds to the chaos.

While Power and Denji didn’t seem to get along at first, it seems that by the events of Episode 5, the two have become fast friends, or at least got along well enough at the expense of Aki.

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Denji and Power's Prank on Aki

chainsaw man anime denji power

In Episode 5, Aki and company got a mission to look for a devil with a piece of the Gun Devil. This led them to a hotel, and they were joined by Himeno and her crew.

Before going inside, Aki expressed his annoyance at his two companions because of their recent prank.

While it wasn’t mentioned in the episode what that prank was, Fujimoto confirmed what it was on Twitter.

On his personal Twitter account (under the guise of his fictional younger sister), Fujimoto revealed that Denji and Power put some poop on Aki’s nose in the morning before their mission.

This pretty much explains why Aki was as displeased as he was in the episode.

After all, putting poop on someone’s nose is beyond a simple prank. Though it’s definitely on brand for Power and Denji.

You can get to see more of this trio in the next Chainsaw Man episode which will air next week.

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